>> Michael Scarpa-Burnett

ok some say I'm not shy.. but I am. But I had the most amazing meal tonight at the The Sandcastle restaurant that i have to talk about. Im sort of a foodie and when I have an Experience and not just a meal, I need to say something. Chef Noelle at the Sandcastle Restaurant in Cherry Grove really out did herself tonight. She made one of the most delicious meals that I have had so for this summer not just here but not the main land as well. I started with the Fried Oyster with homemade Kimchee & Jalapeno Aioli. The flavors were so well balanced and the oysters just melted in your mouth even though they were fried. Then my main course came. It was the most amazing Roasted Colorado Lamb, Porterhouse, Savory Farro, oven dried tomato & a delicate Mint Dipping Sauce. One bite of this dish I was speechless; my sister asked if I was ok because I was just staring at the plate shaking my head, and I told her I was just overwhelmed with just perfect this plate is. Outstanding. My husband started his meal with the most perfect creamy Burrata and Tomato with Tuscan style bread appetizer which he followed up with a wonderful piece of Salmon served over a pan roasted Sweet Pea Risotto that was outstanding. My sister had the Short Rib Pappardelle; the Short Rib was slowly braised in a red wine demi, and my cousins Sandcastel Burger (sirloin, chuck and short rib) were both done to perfection. Brava Chef Noelle, it’s not easy to put out such delicious meals when you are challenged with a two huge parties (10 and 16 plus multiple four top tables as well) all-arriving at the same time. To be able to put out that quality food tonight is commendable and you should be very proud of your dishes and your service. Bianco Donna and Jacque Piazza thank you for providing us with this fine cuisine tonight and congratulations on a successful evening.


This place is Heaven! You can sit outside but still be covered from the sun and stare at the ocean. The service was friendly, attentive and personal, the staff are gorgeous and happy to be there. Lunch was amazing, I had the grilled chicken sandwich with a mountain of sweet potato fries, the serving was huge and so delicious. I went back for a late dinner and had the special prime rib on skewers with satay sauce which was to die for! The relaxed, beautiful atmosphere of the day turned into a fun and welcoming atmosphere in the night with an incredible piano player and guests singing along. I can't wait to go back!


LOVED this restaurant. First we went for dinner... the lighting, atmosphere, and setting were wonderfully executed. And the food was phenomenal - we had the mango and crab stack - to die for deliciousness, the kale salad can't be beat - I even asked for the recipe, the scallops were fresh and perfectly cooked, and I couldn't believe how fantastic the cheesecake was - light, fluffy, and straight up amazing.

We liked it so much we came back for lunch the next day and went into automatic relaxation mode on the deck, sipping bloody mary's, watching and listening to the waves on the beach, munching on another round of the kale salad. The service again was impeccable - staff is friendly, informative, and genuine.

Yeah, I'll be back, and I'll be sure to tell anyone I know that this is the place to go for fine dining on Fire Island.

>> Sand Castle on the Ocean: An old friend gets a new face by John Russell

This summer, a Fire Island institution finally got a long-awaited facelift. Jumping Jacks in Cherry Grove reopened earlier this summer as Sand Castle on the Ocean (106 Lewis Wk, and the fresh look has revitalized the restaurant. "It’s probably the largest renovation that’s been done on the space ever," says Anthony Chiocchi, who has been at the helm of the beachfront bar and restaurant for six years. "The building itself has been there for a really long time, probably longer than most other places on the island."

The restaurant has been through various incarnations over the years. It’s been called Pat’s Place, You Gotta Wanna, Rachel’s and, most recently, JJ’s. Chiocchi says he’s been eager to renovate the restaurant for years, but it wasn’t until he teamed up with Donna Bianco and Jacque Piazza—who also own Cherry’s and its neighboring restaurant Cherry Lane Café—that he was able to make his plans for the space a reality. "They’ve been out in the community for 20 years," he says. "They got married [at Sand Castle, when it was called Rachel's] 10 years ago, so the place has always had a special place in their hearts."

The trio spent the spring re-facing the building in a faux stone façade to complement the sandcastle theme. They've also expanded into the building's retail space, which houses Grove Liquors. The outdoor bar seating has been nearly doubled, and a new tent shields the outdoor deck overlooking the ocean. The restaurant's interior has been repainted in soft shades of pink, grey and white. Most noticeably, the bar has been completely redesigned to be more inviting, which, Chiocchi says, has been one of the biggest improvements. "People just love to sit at that bar all day, all night!"

But Chiocchi says the restaurant's biggest draw remains something he can't exactly take credit for. "We have the best location on the island. We're the only place [where] you can eat a meal and watch the ocean. It’s the only oceanfront dining in The Grove or The Pines."


>> Fire Island Tide: Restaurant Review - Sand Castle on the Ocean by Dan Evans

The Sand Castle occupies the location that used to be Jumpin’ Jacks, in the heart of Cherry Grove. As one of only three restaurants on Fire Island that have ocean locations and views, this is a special spot. The facility has been renovated with class by its three owners, Jackie, Donna and Anthony. This is one of the premiere Fire Island restaurants currently, exceptional for its extensive menu, excellent service and great locale.

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